End of the year wrap up

End of the year wrap up

Meghan Gannon, Editor-in-Chief

As we finish the ongoing school year, it is easy to look forward to summer and sleeping in, but we also remember the achievements and events of the 2021-22 school year.  

While doing this, it is safe to say that the last several months and the last two years have been anything but common and normal. Both old and new came to RHS in September, including new administration. This school year, RHS welcomed a new head principal, Jason Bettin, and a new assistant principal, Katherine Reith.  

“When I reflect on the entire year so far, I feel that there is one word that describes it: adaptable. I have been impressed all year with the adaptability of both our students and staff,” Bettin said.  

With the Covid-19 virus still present in the world, for most of the year, masks have been optional for both staff and students. However, at certain points in the school year, RHS had to enforce temporary mask mandates to help ensure the health and safety of the school.  

“There really weren’t any setbacks for me personally, though wearing a mask was annoying. My education was still of high quality,” senior Isabella Skaggs said.  

Along with new administration and mask mandates, for the first time in two years, the senior class will receive a traditional prom and graduation experience.  

“I honestly feel honored, knowing that we are going to be able to have a normal prom and graduation makes me feel that everything is going to go back to normal for us and for our underclassmen. I do feel bad for the other classes, but at least we are making progress back to normal,” senior Alayna Dudley said.  

Overall, this school year has had twists and turns, old and new friends, and an unknown future for all. But it has always been, and always will be, anything but common and normal.