Here’s to the Class of 2022!


Denea Youngblood, Copy Chief

The Student Assembly chose the last spirit weekdays to raise seniors’ spirits for their final week of high school. Monday was “Senior Blackout,” where seniors dress in all-black to show off their class spirit. 

Today, May 17, was the traditional “Toga Tuesday,” where seniors come to school wrapped in bedsheets and vine crowns for a Greco-Roman theme. 

Tomorrow is the last day for seniors in which seniors are expected to wear beach attire for “Beach Day.”  

“I think the senior spirit week is a good way to bring the class of 2022 together. It is special to have a week with no one else and for just the seniors,” senior Meghan Gannon said. 

Participating in the last spirit week of your senior year will not only be a great memory to have but when you look back on your high school years and you’ll think about the school spirit that never left RHS.