Waves of The Bear


Thomas Owens, Staff

Waves of The Bear 

The U.S has recently engaged in joint naval operations with Japan. Russia has threatened this recent development after Japan’s support for Ukraine and growing interest in NATO making tension over islands captured by the Soviet Union in 1945. Igor Morgulov, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, said on Apr. 12 that US-Japan naval exercises were “potentially offensive in nature.” according to RIA-Novosti. The USS Abraham Lincoln and JS Kongo took part in a US-Japan joint exercise in the Sea of Japan (East Sea).  

However, he did not specify which US-Japan exercises he was talking about — nor did he make explicit what form Russia’s retaliation might take. 

  “It is possible the Islands hold significance because of the Civil War of 1917. Japan was trying to kind of establish a puppet of sorts in Siberia and this somewhat may have prompted the annexation of the territories (the islands).”  Economics & history teacher Mary Naughton-Pesek said. 

  Japan has not yet responded to Morgulov’s remarks.  

Earlier in the month, the Lincon led a similar drill in the Sea of Japan, upon which Russia has a lengthy shoreline. Japan’s prime minister Fumio Kishida agreed to provide food and medicine, additional financial support, and small drones to Ukraine, according to the Foreign Ministry.  

Tensions have only heightened since Japan expelled eight Russian diplomats and officials due to the war in Ukraine. Not much more has been provided on the matter as the story began on Apr. 28th but with the recent probability of Sweden and Finland joining NATO Japan is likely to be another of the many new members to the treaty alliance. The U.S. may soon find itself in similar instances with neighboring countries to Russia soon prompting a military step-up incentive in recruitment like the recruiters coming to RHS for navel recruitment.