2022 Band-o-Rama


Grace Patterson, Sports Editor

On April 27, the annual Band-o-Rama took place. A gathering of elementary, Middle School, and High School bands played music they’ve been practicing for months to friends and family. This year, the performance was dedicated to a student in the middle school band that was involved in a tragic car-accident on the way to school, leading her to not be able to participate. Good vibes, a fast recovery, and prayers are being sent her way. 

The gym was filled to the brim with parents watching their children play. Everybody was excited to play because there hasn’t been a Band-o-Rama since before covid, in 2019. 

All the elementary schools combined to play the pieces they’ve been practicing all year. Eastland and Roseville Middle School were playing their own music, and Roseville High School’s symphonic and jazz band also participated. 

Mr. Chesher, the high school’s band teacher, orchestrated the event, while conducting his band students at the same time. Band-o-Rama is a great experience for younger students to get inspired to play in their future years, and for the older kids to show off their skills!