Facing Anxiety

Facing Anxiety

Emilie Randall

Facing Anxiety: How to Deal With it

The most common mental illness that people suffer from is anxiety. 40 million U.S adults deal with symptoms of anxiety such as trembling, intense stress, sense of danger or panic, and many more that someone must deal with every day in their life. Anxiety can be caused by a number of different things, a few being stress that comes from work, a death in their family, and personal relationship issues even from when they were in childhood.

Some people with anxiety get uncomfortable when people often talk about it around them. The reason for this is because it can seem like they’re getting made fun of. It has been said that people often to make fun of those because of the trauma that they’ve gone through in the past. But there are some things that can lift it off people’s shoulders, calm your spirit/ mind down, do all the things you love doing to help. For example, I always love to draw and listen to music when my anxiety gets bad or watching some YouTube on TV always helps, too. Just do what ever you can to help, even talking to friends or family members work as well.

From someone who suffers from anxiety, I know what it feels like to get made fun of, go through up’s and down’s and so much more. I’ve even seen kids get pushed around and so much more because of everything that’s been happening in their life. I’ve always told them that it’s going to be ok and don’t listen to what other people say about them. For anyone who has anxiety, please contact someone that can help you.