Spring out of town

Thomas Owens & Inika King, Staff

Spring Out of Town 

Spring break is upon the horizon and with it, there are some places that RHS students flock to. Preferably out of town for sight-seeing and pleasure, some locations resonate more than others. 

We asked two teachers, Mrs. Burns and Mr. Stevens, what they were doing during their spring break.  Mrs. Burns said she was going to be gardening; she’s using the warm weather to her advantage and working on her lawn and garden. Mr. Stevens said he was staying home this break for the first time in years.  

We also asked Multiple students what they were going to do over break.  Junior Paris Jones-Allen said she was going to Chicago to see her family for spring break.  “I’m excited to go on spring break with my family,” Jones-Allen said.  Junior Jordan Goodwin what he was doing, and he said he was staying home and relaxing. 


Shelby Boggs, a senior stated that Myrtle Beach was “a common” location for many students. As the obvious states, Myrtle Beach is a beach that is in South Carolina. The shore spans 60 miles and is known as “The Grand Strand” by locals. Certainly, a nice warm place compared to the harsh Michigan cold. 

Stephanie Owens, a Roseville graduate who is now attending Michigan State University, suggested something a bit closer to home. Wisconsin, the state offered many attractions that appealed to her years prior. This included Mount Olympus water & theme park, the Basilica of St Josaphat, and Wilmot Mountain. Certainly, more for those who are interested in interest and nature.  

For some more basic locations, I did some digging around the web. And here are some venues right here in Michigan I found could be of interest. Some for events, others for simplicity and scenery. Boyne Mountain Resort offers skiing, and a water park. The ski resort offers some fun uphill and catering. Hotels and inns nearby offer only 70-150 dollars a night. Making it a nice cheap stay. Most reviews stated the fun would be at twin ziplines, and the slopes of Boyne itself. 

 The next is a classic fun at all ages, The Detroit Zoo. A simple activity for all ages if you are babysitting. Recent editions to the zoo are a new “Red Panda Forest,” an ohmage to the Japanese red panda. The forest may be a fun treat for folks just itching for excitement and adorableness. On the wilder side is a new wolf exhibit. The apex predator of northwestern and northeastern America brought to enjoyment. 

The final recommendation is the Sleeping Bear Dunes in Lakeshore. Voted as “The most beautiful place in America” back in 2014, with that comes many beautiful sites like old coast guard positions, stunning rock formations along the coast, and some great green plains. Certainly, an eye catcher for more open observance than the zoo. 

Whether you go out of state or out of town or nowhere at all, there are so many things to do and places to go to so, enjoy yourselves. A week out is certainly something I personally look forward to. Especially if you have an event planned. For one week America is open to travel. It can be nice to take a break sprung out of spring.