Williams, Boler, and Little’s Signing


As the senior’s last school year is wrapping up, some of Roseville’s athletes are preparing to move on to college. Today, Jordan Williams, Chris Boler, and Eddie Little had their signing to play at a higher level. 

Jordan Williams, a safety on the football team, is attending Trine University in the next upcoming school year. He’s been playing for 11 years and put an unimaginable amount of commitment into his sport.  

“It feels good knowing a school found me to be a good enough athlete and person to take a chance on me. It’s a sense of relief knowing all my hard work is paying off, but also knowing this isn’t the end goal,” Williams said. Planning to move forward with his career after college, Jordan has a long, rewarding road ahead of him. 

Christ Boler, who is a cornerback on the football team is planning to attend Lawrence Tech University next school season. Boler, who has played this sport since his sophomore year, said, “I’m truly blessed to be in the position to play at the next level! During the process to get here, there was plenty of times I doubter myself and my abilities, but I stuck to the plan and trusted god. Now, I am about to play for a well-coached college program, I couldn’t be more excited!” Boler is ready to apply all his hard work and dedication to his future career. 

Lastly, Eddie Little is planning on attending Lawrence Tech University, along with Boler. He’s played throughout his whole life and was a running back for the Roseville football team. Despite an injury his senior season, Little has beat all the odds and is prepared to play at the college level. 

Between all of these boys’ hard work, sacrifice, and dedication, they have bright futures ahead!