The Adam Project Movie Review

Mackenzie Hubbard, Copy Editor

On Mar. 11, 2022, The Adam Project was released on Netflix, and I got around to watching it this past weekend. Going in, I didn’t know what to expect from the trailers and the promotional pictures but I really enjoyed it! The music was perfect for the scenarios and were great songs, the humor was done pretty well and all the intentional jokes were hilarious, and the action scenes were captivating. Mild spoilers for the movie, so watch it now if you haven’t!


The Adam Project has a great cast of actors and actresses. With huge names like Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Garner, Zoe Saldaña, Catherine Keener, and Mark Ruffalo, the movie has a lot of actresses and actors for everyone. Ryan Reynolds and Walker Scobell have such good chemistry in their scenes together, and they actually do act like each other. 


The dynamic between the different characters makes the movie super interesting and makes you want to keep watching to see how they progress. In the beginning, you see Adam’s relationship with his mother is staggered and difficult after the death of his father. Near the end of the movie after all the conversations between him and his older self, their relationship is slowly getting better. Older Adam regrets the way he treated his mother and he tells his younger self to appreciate her more.


Overall, I really enjoyed The Adam Project! It was an interesting concept and was fun to watch. For a movie that’s one hour and 45 minutes long, the pacing was good and I thought it was such a well-done movie. The science of the movie was exciting to learn about and as someone super interested in science, I really liked it. If you enjoy movies with any sort of time travel or sci-fi movies in general, I extremely recommend The Adam Project.