The Batman movie review

Jordan Sparks, Staff Reporter

On Mar. 4, 2022, The Batman movie came out, rated PG-13, and I saw it 4 days later. This movie was 2 hours and 56 minutes of action where Robert Pattinson plays Batman. This movie will indulge you in its mystery and creativity. It is a murder mystery where Batman and Gordon are on a hunt by the Riddler to solve the riddles, which targets Gotham’s elite. Every riddle that was given to Batman was solved very effortlessly. The Batmobile scene was tremendously exciting and had me on the edge of my seat. The cinematography was amazing. “The Batman is the best batman movie out there. Robert played the best Batman I’ve seen, “ senior Ethan Poulsen said. I would rate this movie 9/10 because it is a long movie. If you do not mind that then I would recommend watching it!