Course selection sheets are due!


As the end of the school year approaches, choosing your classes becomes more and more important. March 9 will be the last day you can turn on your scheduling sheets that were distributed last week. If you do end up not turning in your schedule sheet you can get all sorts of classes you don’t want, like maybe you are terrible at art, and you could end up getting all art classes, or maybe you’re bad at math and you will get more math classes. So, please turn in your schedule sheet. It shouldn’t be too hard anyway, you’re just putting down the electives you want to take and choosing if you want to take AP classes or not, which you should never do.


In 9th grade, a few friends and I took AP Environmental Science while the rest of the 9th graders took biology. Next year all the seniors that passed all their classes will only have to do one English credit and half a math credit, while the kids who took that AP class must take biology too even if they passed. Now, instead of having an extra elective hour, I have to take a class with a bunch of freshmen, and to quote the great Colin Frikken, “Man, that sucks I don’t want to do this”. Speaking of the half a math credit, all juniors going into their senior year can substitute their math credit with certain electives, with classes like Astronomy, Accounting & Financial Systems, Hospitality management, etc. If you want to see the rest, copy and paste this link and go to the 6th page (


Consider some classes like advanced classes, or design classes that require you to take a certain class before. Like for advanced drawing you need to take intermediate drawing, and before that beginning drawing. For the final time, just fill out your sheet and turn it in March 9th, because if you don’t you won’t get to choose your classes, so you can’t complain if you get band and you’ve never picked up an instrument in your life. All you juniors who are turning into seniors if you’ve passed your classes, you just need to take an English credit and half a math credit, or calculus.