The Life of Amanda Gorman

Genisus Reed, Sports Editor

Amanda Gorman, a skilled young poet, started off her career at just 16 years old speaking as a youth delegate for the United Nations. From there, Gorman began to speak as the Youth Poet Laureate of Los Angeles, publishing her first collection “The One for Whom Food Is Not Enough.” While speaking at the Library of Congress, Gorman caught the eye of Jill Biden, who was at the time in line to become the first lady. At the inauguration on January 20, 2021, Gorman recited one of her biggest poems “The Hill We Climb”, becoming the youngest poet to speak at the inauguration. The poem is meant to symbolize hope, unity, healing, and resilience, which at the time is what our country was hoping for. Jill Biden intended to have a strong, African American to speak at the inauguration due to the issues and movements going on in the United States, such as the BLM movement. Gorman even wore a yellow jacket and a red headband to attempt to bring positivity to the inauguration. Gorman’s goal was to be positive and unite the nation as a whole again since everyone felt separated. Outside of being a poet, Gorman founded a non-profit called One Pen One Page, with the drive to help eliminate inequality through education. This means Gorman wants every individual to feel equal in school. With overcoming her speech impediment, Gorman plans to continue writing poetry, as well as create a picture book. In 2036, Gorman plans to run for U.S. President, focusing on issues with climate change, sexual assault and human trafficking.