New Panther Den at RHS

Evan Gardner, Staff Reporter

The Roseville High School Panther Den is getting a new room for snacks, pop and much more. The Panther Den includes a group of students who work at the Den and run it like a store for the school.

“I’m over-excited about the new Panther Den. We’ve needed a new one for a long time, and the students will put it to good use.” senior Tyrell Henry said.  

“I’m sure I’m going to love it, and I can’t wait to start working in it.” senior Eddie Little said. The students in the m

arketing class already have a lot of fun working in the Panther Den and are excited for the new opportunities that come with the new workspace. 

 “We are excited to show everybody what we are working with and can’t wait for all of the events that can go on in there.” marketing teacher Jeffery Verkeyn said. The new Panther Den should be done within the next month, and everybody is excited and ready to use the new Panther Den.