1996 vs 2022: Scream (Spoiler-free)


Kori Scruggs, Yearbook Editor

After 25 long years, the infamous Scream has returned. The new Scream is full of lots of twists and turns. In the middle of the search to figure out the new killer, the possibility of a “requel” is brought up and explained. A requel is a sequel to a movie that performs more like a reboot. The characters in a requel always have some sort of relationship with the previous characters. In this case, the biggest, closest relationships are the main characters. One of the profound masked killers from the original, Billy Loomis, is the father of the requel’s main character, Sam Carpenter. Loomis makes a few appearances in the bodily form of a hallucination, as well as three other characters. If you enjoyed the surviving characters in the first movie, then you are in for a treat. The requel is full of jump scares that keep you on your toes during dull moments. However, Scream 5 is immensely less scary.  

“Scream (2022) has its moments, but it’s not even as scary as Scream 2,” Jeffrey Bloomer from Slate.com said.  

The ratings of both movies are very comparable with the 1996 movie earning 79% on Rotten Tomatoes and 78% for the 2022 movie. Clips from the original movie are shown ironically throughout the movie giving it a sense of realism. Both movies are great, however, the original is always hard to top.