RHS transfers from trimesters to semesters

Jordan Sparks, Staff Reporter

Goodbye trimesters, hello semesters. This school year, Roseville High School has switched to semesters from trimesters.

With trimesters, you have three schedules, and with semesters, you have two schedules. Semesters have two quarters in them and once the second quarter starts, your grades restart. Once the semester is over, both of your quarter grades get combined and those are your final grades.

I like trimesters better because we get to change our classes more,” senior Ethan Poulsen said.

Trimesters last 12 to 14 weeks and semesters last 15 weeks.

I like trimesters because they are not as confusing as the quarters. In trimesters you learn for the 12-14 weeks, take a final exam and then that is your grade in the class. Its simple and I like it that way” senior Liberty Peraino said.

A lot of students prefer trimesters over semesters because it can be confusing. Make sure to do your best this semester!