Into The Woods Musical

Inika King, Staff Reporter

The upcoming spring musical titled “Into the Woods” is coming up, and here’s some info you should know about the musical. The performance dates are Feb. 24 and 25. The musical contains several band students and Mrs. Churchill on keyboard, along with other hired musicians to play in the orchestra. Along with that, former Roseville student, Emily Rhoton, and her husband, Dan Wise, are working behind the scenes with the stage three nights a week. Another talented Roseville graduate comes in and works as a vocal coach several days a week. “It is a great experience because our students are performing a real Broadway show,” Ms. Collins said.  The lead roles include:

Narrator: Denzel Harvel (12)

Baker: Devin Newsom (11)

Baker’s Wife: Amelia Borys (12)

Cinderella: Paige Tomala (11)

Jack: Fred Duhaylonsod (11)

Witch: Kendall Cannon (11)

Rapunzel: Haileigh Olivas (10)

Little Red Riding Hood: Savanna Kraft (12)

Other side but equally important characters include:

Rapunzel’s Prince: Donovan Vinette (11)

Cinderella’s Prince: Julian Ford (11)

Jack’s Mother: Paris Jones-Allen (11)

Wolf: Zacarias Osorio (11)

Mysterious Man: Denzel Harvel (12)

Cinderella’s Mother: LaKiya Reese (11)

Florinda: Dessi Cornell (10)

Lucinda: Adrian Harris (9)

Granny: Dalyace Griggs (10)

Steward: Hunter Ruyle (11)

Giant: Marcus Edmonds (11)

Snow White: Brooke Riase (12)

Cinderella’s Father: O’Rico Porties (10).

Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella’s stepmother have not yet been decided. The cast, Mrs. Collins, and other members have worked so hard on this musical and hope to see you there for at least one night on February 24th or 25th