Jewelry Brands to Try This Christmas

Isabella Skaggs, Staff Reporter

Christmas is just around the corner, and that means gifts galore. Finding the perfect gift for someone can be hard to find, but there is one thing that almost everybody likes to have in their life…and that’s jewelry! Whether it be bracelets, necklaces, rings, or earrings, somebody owns at least one piece of jewelry. There are many websites in which these pieces can be found, but here are four great websites to start off with.

Five Forty-Nine

Five Forty-Nine is a great place to find trendy, cool looking jewelry. They are mostly known for their beaded and chain necklaces, though they also carry a great variety of bracelets and rings as well. These pieces stand out and would be a great gift for someone adventurous and willing to try new things. While their products may be on the more expensive side, their necklaces being around $27-$42, these pieces are unique and handmade in Los Angeles, CA.

Fraser Sterling

Fraser Sterling is another handmade jewelry store established in Los Angeles. The pieces are very cute and asthenic. They have a very wide range of jewelry that everybody will love. They have named, initialed, beaded, and basic necklaces along with bracelets, earrings, rings, and even some bedazzled hair accessories. This website is more catered towards people that like bright things and jewelry that will make a statement. The prices differ a lot, starting at $17 for a pair of earrings to $85 for the most expensive necklace. This website is not the cheapest, but great for those who have a little more money to spend on gifts or even on themselves.

Evry Jewels

If you’re looking for affordable and good quality jewelry, Evry Jewels is the place to go. And not only do they have the basics such as necklaces, bracelets, they also have waist chains, ear cuffs, nose rings and more. For being a cheaper jewelry site, their pieces are still good quality and perfectly designed. Their products start at just $7 and there is a product that fits in just about anybody’s budget.


If you haven’t heard of Etsy, you’ll know that it is not just a place to find customized and cool products from all different types of people, but it is also a great place to find cool and unique jewelry. There are so many small businesses and shops that sell on this website, especially for jewelry. Any piece you find on Etsy, can range from around as low as $3 dollars to a higher price depending on what you’re looking for. For basic jewelry, $8-$20 is a good price estimate for how much things cost. The only thing that’ll really cost you is shipping if you must pay for it, but it is worth it for getting handmade, very affordable, versatile pieces of jewelry.

These four shops are a great way to start your search for the perfect gift for a family member, spouse, or even friend, that they’ll love and cherish forever.