The Fun-ternet

Thomas Owens

It has been two years since Roseville High School introduced laptops to all students for work efficiency.  But what do students do when their work is completed?  Well in this article, students at RHS can learn what may interest them in their spare time after class. 

For those interested in engaging the mind with proper planning and readiness, the first site on the list is known as Conflict of Nations. In this game, you can select a small region in the United States and or Mexico.  Once in the game you can control, create, and obliterate enemy units to control the nation.  This mostly focuses on a way to plan, think ahead, and strategize training your mind.  The best part is that everything is done in real time, playing a game takes four to five weeks.  If you are testing, no worries, you can take that test and play later. 

Our second website takes us back to a familiar site from our days in elementary or early middle school with Cool Math Games sporting Run and Run 2.  Need to pass time?  Need to practice your reflexes for typing an essay fast?  Then Run is a good game to train that skill.   In Run you play as a small round unidentified alien running down a corridor filled with holes, gaps, and twists oh my!  Your objective is to reach the end of the course without falling into the bleak void of space.  In short, it is a fun time passer for when you finish an assignment and have nothing else to do. 

Our third site leads us to a place the schools Wi-Fi may bring us to, it’s Dinosaur Game. This game is like Run, except it is 2D and does not require you to climb walls.  As opposed to holes, you are jumping over cacti, avians and even more cacti.  All whilst you play as a T-rex, making it a more relaxing approach to passing time. 

Finally, we have the last item on our list.  For those who seek to do some math, sharpen your English, improve imagination skills, or for those who feel a bit artsy, we have Heroforge. Heroforge is a small single page website dedicated to creating a 3D player model for Dungeons and Dragons.  However, this function is limited as it is an independent site.  Despite this, the possibility seems large and offers no shortage.  You can pose angles using math and precision, boost writing skills by attempting to make some character(s) of your liking and sharpen your mind’s creativity for making art and inspiration. 

In conclusion, there are many things also not listed here that you may know but as students at RHS you can have a bit of fun and leisure so long as your work is finished.