College recruiters come to RHS


Meghan Gannon, Editor-in-Chief

The past week has been one for the books as many college recruiters have come to visit RHS, kicking off with a visit from MSU head football coach Mel Tucker.  Tucker stopped by the school to visit senior Tyrell Henry who is set to sign with MSU on Dec. 15.   

“I knew he was coming for a couple of days, but I didn’t really prepare. I got to talk to him for a few minutes beforehand, but it was all sort of natural,” Henry said.  

Recruiters and coaches from other schools, such as head coach from the University of Cincinnati Luke Fickell and a coach from University of Michigan, visited RHS to chat with varsity head coach, Vernard Snowden about his team this previous season and possible recruits.  

“To have college coaches come into our school, to recruit our players is great for our student-athletes. They frequently come in, and it means a lot to our school,” Snowden said.  

The varsity football team finished their season with a loss at the regional championship, but brought home the first ever district championship for the school.