Still Over It album review

Jada Stinson, Staff Reporter

Summer Walker, a famous songwriter, recently released a new album, Still Over It, on Nov. 5. Many people loved the new album, which has received many great reviews. She has gained over 250 million streams since it was released, and the number of streams increases daily. She made Still Over It connected to her previous album, Over It, with 154.7 million streams. Her album holds the weight of the most significant debut by a female R&B artist.  

 The album is perfect. It gives off a good vibe that most of the current generation’s music lacks. My favorite song on the album is “Closure.” She says whatever the situation, you must get “closure,” and if you blame yourself, you must always forgive yourself. I think this specific message is something I need to hear because you can blame yourself for what others have done. 

 “I feel like the new Summer Walker album was giving me advice,” Junior Terrianna Taylor said. 

 Her music has a purpose, and that is the reason many people listen and support her. Neither album has yet to hit number 1 on the Billboard, but the album, Over It, came remarkably close. It reached number 2 on the Billboard 200 Charts.  

You rarely hear music in this generation that makes you feel emotional. Instead of making music teenagers like to listen to, she puts a lot of work and dedication into her music.