The Eternals Movie Review

Colin Frikken, Staff Reporter

Yesterday, I saw The Eternals in an early release showing and I have some things to say about it.  The action scenes were great, as always in a Marvel movie, and there was good character development, but mainly for the main character, Sersi.  Even though I liked the characters, some of the characters, like Phastos and Makkari, weren’t even introduced to the main plot of the movie until closer to the end, which was disappointing because they were cool and interesting characters. 


Another thing I didn’t really like about the film was how they did flashbacks.  Some of the flashbacks felt as if they were just doing them, as if they forgot to add it in.  I wish certain characters got more screen time like Thena.  Her whole story seemed interesting and they kind of touched on it, but it was left alone for a lot of the movie.  That’s not the only time they do that in the movie either.  With the Deviants, which were a huge plot point, they expanded upon it a little bit. Close to the end, they just got rid of it and never talked about it again, even though it was a huge part of the movie. 


Those are just the things I didn’t like but the rest of the movie itself is good.  The way they showed the characters was good.  It was a little slow at the beginning, but 30-40 minutes in it started getting better. Plus it was funny but not overly funny, to a point where it’s ruining the plot.  The plot itself was interesting and so unique, I would definitely see it again, while the twist itself was predictable, it is worth it. I would give it a 6.8/10, good, but definitely had it’s weaknesses.