Welcome RHS’s New Assistant Principal Katherine Reith


Genisus Reed and Evan Gardner

As the new school year has started, new faces have popped up in RHS. Here at RHS we have a new assistant principal, Katherine Reith.

Before coming to RHS, Reith was a data assessment coach at Hamtramck High School for 6 years. She also used to teach music classes.

Reith has a bachelor’s degree in music education, which she received from Central Michigan University. As well as a master’s in educational leadership, from University of Michigan-Dearborn.

“I like to remind people of two things, the only constant in life is change and the more flexible you are, the more flexible you will be.  Secondly, you are the only persons life you can control, so be mindful of actions and how you treat others,” Reith said.

Reith’s favorite part of her daily routine is getting to work with all the kids at RHS. At home, Reith has a rescue lab mix, named Ben. She loves watching documentaries on TV, as well as reality-based talent shows. Reith does not like sit coms, because they usually have bad endings.

Reith looks forward to working with the students here at RHS, and seeing what the future holds.