Hospitality works with Michigan Army National Guard


Genisus Reed, Sports Editor

On Wednesday, Oct. 27, the hospitality class hosted an MRE competition.  

Recruiters from the National Guard brought MRE’s (Meal Ready to Eat pouches) and challenged RHS students to make a meal out of two pouches and follow the rules they have been taught in the last seven weeks of class.  

“It was stressful working under a time limit, as well as difficult. It definitely did not feel like 40 minutes at all,” senior Joshua Specker said.  

The students were frantic, but made impressive creations, combining two different meals into one. With this being one of the first times the class was able to use the new restaurant, they showed great skill.  

Teachers from around the building like science teacher Sally Dodge and math teacher Jodi Teutsch assisted in the competition as taste testers.  

“It was very interesting. Very fun to be able to see what each team did with their MRE, it was cool to see them add their own little spin,” science teacher Sally Dodge said.  

The winner of the MRE competition will not be announced until Wednesday, Nov. 3. Due to the hospitality class not being able to open the new restaurant to the public, they will be hosting small competitions like this throughout the school year.