Visiting the Future


Staff Sergeant Joseph F. Brantley speaking to a student about the National Guard.

Matt Skoczylas, Copy Editor


     The future will always be on the minds of students, no matter what age. Whether you’re fresh into middle school, or soon to be a high school graduate, what lies ahead is always present in the heads of students. To help students out with their future planning, Michigan colleges, universities, and the armed services came to visit Roseville High School. 

    On October 14th, a few members of the United States Army visited the school during all lunch periods. The day before that, October 13th, the Michigan Army National Guard came to visit. During both of these visits, students of all grades were able to become more informed on the branches of the military. They were also given knowledge on college payments, split enlistment, health insurance benefits, along with general benefits of being in the United States military. 

  Wayne State University was one of the schools that visited RHS as well. Admissions counselor Nick Rivera spoke about being in the National Guard while in college, scholarships, life on campus, along with other benefits from Wayne State, such as a full ride scholarship to Wayne State School of Medicine! 

  Yet another school that visited was Central Michigan University. Among the talks of scholarships, graduate programs, and possible majors, students were more than interested in the types of undergraduate and graduate programs CMU offered! 

“Even though I haven’t necessarily thought about college as a whole yet, CMU definitely seems like a nice school to go to,” junior Zack Osario said. He also states that, “The university is definitely high up on my list of possible schools.” 

  More colleges that are soon to visit RHS are Eastern Michigan University, Western Michigan University, and Oakland University. To any student considering going to college, make sure to sign up for these visits in the counseling office! It is never too early to start planning ahead. Your future is in your hands.