Mask up RHS


Isabella Skaggs, Staff Reporter

  At the start of last school year, students were virtual and masks were required all year once we returned. Thankfully, the mask mandate was lifted for this year and masks were optional. But since school has started, COVID cases have risen, and principal Jason Bettin has reinforced the mask policy, as of October 14th 

Every student and teacher at Roseville High is required to wear a mask for two weeks. After those two weeks are over, it will be determined based on the COVID number cases and how fast the spread is, whether masks will be optional again, or reinforced for the rest of the year. 

“I don’t care because I can a wear a mask and still breathe,” senior Ke’Marco Goodson-Davis said.  

 Bettin wants everyone to wear their masks properly, covering both the mouth and nose. Masks should be worn at all times, the only exceptions are when food is being eaten in the cafeteria, or when sports are actively being played. Masks are still required in the lunch line and when seated at a table where you are not eating.  

“I know a decision like this can evoke strong feelings on both sides, but it is a necessary step to slow the spread,” Bettin said.  

A letter was sent out to all parents/guardians to further explain what will be happening in the next two weeks. 

 “If we can’t staff the school, we can’t stay open. I know that virtual learning was hard for many students last year, we are trying to avoid being in a situation where we have to close school and go back to learning through teams,” Bettin said.  

So remember, mask up and stay safe Roseville. We can get through this together.