Mathletes vs. athletes day


Jordan Sparks and Olivia Gordon

Wednesday, Sept. 29 was Roseville’s third day of spirit week. The theme today was mathletes vs. athletes, and quite a lot of people participated. 

Today, students participated in mathletes vs. athletes by dressing up in their favorite jerseys and pulling off their best “nerdy” look. We saw a lot more participation during this spirit day because many football and basketball players used their own jerseys to replicate the “athletes look.” 

“I didn’t participate, but everyone who did pulled it off really well,” senior Libby Peraino said. 

Tomorrow, Thursday Sept. 30, the fourth day of spirit week, is spooky hat day. Pull out your spookiest and scariest hat you have. We encourage everyone to show their Halloween spirit by wearing a spooky Halloween hat.