Scarecrow spirit day


Mackenzie Hubbard and Matt Skoczylas

Tuesday, Sept. 28 was our second day of our Fall Festival Homecoming spirit week. The theme for today was Scarecrow/Flannel day, and there was a huge turnout.

Students and teachers alike all wore flannels, and some students even did face paint to look more like scarecrows. Even though this spirit day is pretty simple to pull off, a lot of students had a good time dressing up.

Social studies teacher Emily Collias and English teacher Eric Mattison are just two examples of teachers who dressed up in flannels and had their pictures taken.

“I see more people participating and a lot of people are going above and beyond with the themes,” junior Katelynn Miller said.

Wednesday’s theme for spirit week is Mathletes vs. Athletes. Dressing up for spirit week encourages more school spirit and gets other students in a good mood. Homecoming spirit week has some good spirit days coming up, and the more participation, the better.