Special Olympics comes to RHS


Paige Guinn, Staff Reporter

As the year starts to become more normal, more of the fun, end of the year events are taking place.  

On Tuesday, June 8th , teacher Sara Stark and the cognitively impaired program hosted a Special Olympics event that took place on the football field. 

 During the Special Olympics, students participated in activities like the 100 Meter dash, the running long jump, the softball throw, the cornhole toss, and the marshmallow race. 

Taking first place in the cornhole toss was junior Ann Allard, with junior Matthew Cheek and freshman Faith Dagnall following closely behind. 

 Cheek took first place in the boys’ softball throw. Junior Dustan Aggas and sophomore Chauncey Garner took second and third. 

 Allard took first place in the girls’ softball throw. Freshman Ava Ahlstrand and junior Chenyah Jackson took second and third places.  

The marshmallow race was a close one, Allard took first while Cheek and junior Mya Minter took second and third.  

Junior Cornell Hayes took first place in the 100M dash walk. Freshman Kayla Marzec took second place and Ahlstrand took third.  

Aggas took first place in the 100M dash run, sophomore Breea Cunningham took second place and Jackson took third. 

 Jackson took first place in the running long jump. Minter took second place while Dagnall took third. 

“I had a lot of fun being in the Special Olympics. I can’t wait to do it again next year!” Minter said. 

 The Special Olympics was a fun time for everyone and RHS Staff and students are excited to participate again next year.