Advice from RHS alumni students

Sanaa Griggs, Business Manager

Senior year is coming to an end with only four days left (only counting school days), here is advice from alumni students and teachers they wish someone would have told them.  

Many students are worried about picking their majors, deciding on which college they are going to, and how they are going to be able to afford college. Here is some advice from RHS alumni students for struggling seniors who are not sure on what they want to do in their future. If you need any type of advice for going to college, saving money, writing your resume, and any other advice, do not be afraid to ask anyone for help.  

“Go to school and pick a major that will allow you to do something you really enjoy as a job, or even find a trade to get into. Do not take the year off, often students end up not going to school or making a career change when they are older. Find something you love doing and pursue a career in it.  Do not get caught up in all the freedom, prioritize your time and make your education your top priority,” alumni Keith Marzec said.  

“Do not dwell on the past, do not stress about your future, live in the present and live it to the fullest extent,” alumni Michael Aliotta said.  

“I would say whatever path you take after you graduate high school, you need to take it seriously because you are going out into the real world, everything you do from now on will determine the outcome of your future, so you have to push yourself to be the best you can be in whatever you decide to do for yourself. But also, do not forget to set aside a little relaxation time for yourself too. Everyone deserves that,” alumni Michonni Ward said. 

“I would say, believing in their own skill and their own willpower will take them far, if one plan does not work out as planned, improvising is always better then crying over spilled milk. Do not rush the process to success, just work harder after your failures and never give up. Plan for the future and think ahead as well,” alumni Jahiem Swaizey said.   

If you need any more advice, you could always look on the internet for study tips, student finance, social life/college life, and picking your classes/majors on You can even ask your teachers and parents about what to do after high school graduation if you’re not sure about life.