New culinary addition set to open this spring


Jewel Jurek-Stamm, Staff Reporter

The Hospitality Management Program has been a staple at Roseville High School for many years. It is a program that prepares students for many different things. If they wish to run or own a restaurant, this is a great way to gain experience. The program is also a great way for the students to be able to learn recipes to cook at home for their families and for years to come when they are in college, trade school, etc.

Over the years, there have been many implications on the staff members and students involved in this program. The program currently runs out of the restaurant located at Roseville Middle School (RMS). This means that students must be bussed from RHS to RMS every day for their two-hour block class periods, and head of the culinary department Jon Grommons must drive between the buildings as well.

The bond passed in 2018 that allowed for updated technology and new facilities to be brought to RHS also allowed for a new restaurant to be built at RHS. This means that students no longer need to be bussed between the two locations and will save the students and the staff a lot of time.

Students have been in the facility for a tour but have not begun using the facility. They plan to begin minimal activities in early to mid-Spring 2021 and full time by Fall of 2021.

“I am very excited to use the new equipment next year! It’s so much better and we have so much more space to cook!” junior Denzel Harvel said.

The new equipment includes cameras near the stations and televisions in the dining room that allow the guests to watch as the students work. They can see how they interact with each other and how they interact with the equipment.

Although there are a lot of new and exciting things in the restaurant and possibilities surrounding it, there is one very important thing to remember:

“It is first and foremost a classroom.  Student learning must be the number one purpose,” Grommons said.

The possibilities that come with this new space are endless. Nothing is set in stone. It is imperative that we remain open minded to think of new and innovative ideas to use this new space, both creatively and academically.

Along with the changes being brought by the new restaurant, the point of entry for students and visitors will also change. For the remainder of the school year, students will continue to enter in the current spot, the South lot. In the Fall however, students and visitors will begin entering through the North lot.

Grommons and the entire Hospitality Department are extremely grateful to the entire community that has made this happen for them. Without everyone working together to make this bond happen, there would not be a new culinary addition at RHS. They look forward to bringing the community into the facility in the future to show their appreciation for making this happen for them.