Seniors final stretch


Kayla Iafrate, Staff Reporter

Seniors, it is almost time for graduation. Though it has been a trying year, now is a good time for seniors to reflect on all they have accomplished throughout these last four years. Students, look back at pictures from freshman year to now, think of the growth that 4 years has affected. Class of 2021 will always remember how Covid-19 has changed their senior year, but it also shows how they persevered through a pandemic.

“I view myself as changed now vs then, because Freshman year I was only just starting to figure out who I was or what I wanted, and now I’m off to college and nothing is as simple,” senior Tori Widen said.

This year’s graduation will be set up for graduates to walk across the stage while their friends and family watch in their cars to follow Covid-19 safety procedures. It won’t be the same as it normally would be without a Pandemic, but principal Patrick Adams and the school board are doing all they can for seniors to have a good and safe graduation.

“I’m okay with how graduation is set up honestly. It’s not ideal, but I’d rather everyone be safe, and families be able to be there,” senior Jewel Stamm said.

On Saturday May 22, Roseville High School seniors will become graduates. They will begin their journey in life and take the path to their future, whatever the future may have in store for them.