Rod Wave – Soulfly review

Rod Wave - Soulfly review

Sanaa Griggs, Virtual Managing Editor

Rod Wave dropped his new album “Soulfly,” on Friday, March 26th at midnight. The album quickly became a major hit to fans all around the world.
Wave dropped one of his songs “Street Runner,” off the album on March 10th giving fans a sneak peek into what the album would sound like. Shortly after street runner was released, he put out another song called “Tombstone,” three days later, he put out the album.
This is Wave’s sixth album that he has produced and the first one he has put out for this year. Currently, Wave has two songs on Apple Music’s top 100 global charts ranking in at number one and two.
The album gives off a mix of emotions. Songs like “Gone Till November,” and “What’s Love??,” are more slowed down and really hit your feelings. Where songs like “Believe Me,” and “Don’t Forget,” touch your soul and make you realize who you are. On the song “Richer,” upcoming rap artist Polo G is featured.
“My favorite song off the album would have to be Street Runner, because it relates to many things that happens in people relationship,” senior Alyse Jackson said
“My favorite song off the album I would say is Believe Me, because he talks about his nana who has passed away and I can relate to that,” senior Dennis Mcmillan said.