Bringing Music Back at RHS


During difficult times, due to COVID-19 Symphonic choir put on a virtual performance.

Paige Guinn, Staff Reporter

Students at Roseville have been trying their hardest to create a bit more normalcy in their lives. With all thcraziness going on, Band and Choir students have been working hard on their music all year, with no audience to perform their pieces to. On March 4th and 10th, the band and choir had their first performances in almost a year. Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, there was no live audience allowed at either performance, but our music directors Daniel Chesher and Kristina Collins are always thinking of ways for band and choir parents to hear the show. Marketing and Communications Facilitator, Joe Genest, came in to record both concerts, that can be found on the Roseville High School Facebook page. 

The performances stirred emotions for many, “It was definitely a weird feeling. I was scared that even with everyone wearing performance masks, someone would get infected, but I am glad I went! It was a good experience, sophomore Matt Skoczylas said. 

“It was amazing to be with everyone again. I wasn’t nervous at all, I loved everything about it, it felt like normal just with a mask,” senior Dakoda Inscho said. 

During the upcoming spring months, the band program hopes to have a physical audience to perform in front of instead of performing for a recording.