Pros and cons of virtual learning

Pros and cons of virtual learning

Kayla Iafrate, Staff Reporter

The cases from Covid-19 are still transpiring and schools are still conducting virtual learning. Online learning has allowed schools to teach while under a pandemic, however there are many pros and cons with students learning virtually.

Some pros include: More free time between classes, not having to push your way through a crowded hallway, getting more sleep, not having to worry about catching the bus or walking to the school, comfort working at home, and not having to worry about dressing up.

“In school we have to sit there to wait ‘till the next class starts, but when you’re virtual you have an opportunity to accomplish more things while waiting for your next class to start,” senior Camillia Matyszewski said.

Some cons include: Not being able to see friends/teachers in person, not being able to do hands on projects, the environment being more distracting, which can lead to work not getting done, and it’s difficult for students and teachers to adapt to a new way of learning.

“It becomes difficult to one-on-one students and teachers in person when things get messy and unorganized from the teachers end, this makes it hard to fix misunderstandings,” senior Taylor Collins said.

With these examples in mind, it is clear to see the difference in perspectives of both the advantages and disadvantages of virtual and in-person learning.