Students and teachers spring break plans

Chloe Grill, Staff Reporter

It is about to be that time of year again; students have trips planned for spring break in the beginning of April. Many seniors are going on vacations with it being their last year, underclassmen may be going because of the break too. As the pandemic still being an ongoing situation, a lot of people are taking this time to step away from school and enjoy their vacation safely.  While still taking all the safety precautions, such as wearing masks and social distancing, students will make sure to stay safe.

A group of 10 seniors: Madelyn Tribu, Madyson Marzec, Dylan Goodger, Gordon Lou, Julia Mulder, Ryan and Matthew Haley, Zachary Morgan, and Trevor Conaway-Magga have a trip planned to go to Myrtle Beach in SC, on April 5.

“I’m really excited to go since I’ve been waiting all senior year for it,” Tribu said. The seniors decided to rent out condos for the week to stay in and are excited to spend the week in the sun.

Not only are students utilizing the week-long break for a vacation, but teachers are as well. Instructor Samantha Jordan is deciding to take a vacation to Arizona for spring break.