The Good Times and The Bad Ones review

Meghan Gannon, Copy Editor

On Jan. 15, boyband Why Don’t We released their second album titled “The Good Times and The Bad Ones” with three previously released singles and seven new songs.

The first single, “Fallin”, debuted in September after the band was M.I.A. since January to completely write and produce their album. “Fallin” was the band’s first song release since December of 2019 when they released their song “Chills”.

“Out of all of the songs on the album, “Fallin” has to be my favorite because it was the first song that I heard from the album with my best friend.” senior Jewel Jurek-Stamm said.

The Good Times and The Bad Ones features other singles such as “Lotus Inn” and “Slow Down” that capture the mention of “the good times” in the title. Not only does the album capture the positive moments in life, but it also captures those moments that are not as enjoyable.

Titles such as “Be Myself” discuss human issues such as anxiety and insecurities while “Grey” connects to heartbreak and making mistakes while in a relationship.

“I like “Be Myself” since it feels like each member poured their emotions, experiences, and traumas into it.” freshman Thomas Gannon said.

Why Don’t We is predicted to release new music in another six months. We look forward to hearing more about “The Good Times and The Bad Ones” throughout this boyband’s musical career.