Ten fun Activities to do during COVID-19

Rania Alasad, Staff reporter


Snow is on the ground, and the holidays are fast approaching. Here are 10 fun and safe activities to do during COVID-19.

  1. Have a movie marathon, what’s better than a cozy day/night in your house.
  2. Decorate your room and make some fun new changes.
  3. Host a karaoke night with your friends through video call.
  4. Start a week-long fitness challenge, jump rope, sit ups, pushups, etc.
  5. Learn and cook new meals.
  6. Smoothie challenge Start a challenge with your friends or family members and find out who’s got the best recipe!
  7. Game night! Get those competitive juices going and play some board games, or even simple card games.
  8. Go on a walk, get some fresh air.
  9. If you like learning about other cultures or languages, learn a new language, even if it’s just basic words.
  10. Paint, simple drawings are fun and easy to draw, you may not be talented at it, but hey, just do it for fun and express your creativeness.

All these ideas and there’s much more, you just need to observe what you like.