Different holiday traditions


Chloe Grill, Staff Reporter

It is that time of year again, the holiday season is right around the corner. One thing about the winter season,  is everyone has different traditions or something in common that they do in the month of Dec. Whether that means playing games with your family, baking, or watching movies. In 2020, this might look different for the arrangement of traditions this year.

“For Christmas, we all wear matching pajamas and watch Christmas movies. Then at midnight , all the kids get to open one gift and then wake up to the rest in the morning.” senior Janai Carter said.

“Over the years, we usually play games, listen to Christmas music, watch movies, and bake cookies.” senior Carissa Howell said.

Many people also celebrate holidays such as Hanukah and Kwanzaa during the holidays.

“Every year in at least one day of Hanukah I make latkes and matzoh ball soup with my mom and we watch the movie Eight Crazy Nights,” senior Zoey Carter said.