New multiplayer game hits the global charts


Before the game begins, the players wait in the lobby for more players to join so the intense game can commense.

Brooke Hedrick, Copy Chief

During the past few months, many teens have found it hard to stay at home for copious amounts of hours during the day. However, a new surprisingly popular game called “Among Us” has taken a big lead in many hours upon the day for several people as it has grown to be the newest phenomenon.

Although being a small indie game back in 2018, the game peaked and reached an influx of downloads in Sept. of this year. It grew its popularity after many people watched others play the game and became addicted. Once you play one game, it is almost impossible to stop, then you realize a few hours have gone by.

“I enjoy Among Us because playing with a bunch of random people is funny and also suspenseful. The adrenaline rush after killing someone as imposter is top tier,” senior Meadow Bugamelli said.

First, when you join a game, there are three different maps you can choose from: The Skeld, Mira-HQ and Polus. Once you join a server, you wait in the lobby for at least 4-10 players to join alongside you. There are two roles, you can either be a crewmate or an imposter (1-3). A crewmates job is to mainly do tasks, whether that be fixing wires, downloading data, or scanning in the medbay. However, the imposters job is a lot more complex. Their duty is to kill the crewmates, and not get caught. There are vents the imposters can go in to sneak to other rooms, but if a crewmate sees you, it’s game over. They cannot do tasks, so they would have to fake them. Imposters can also sabotage different areas like the reactor, the lights or even their own oxygen levels. For some, if no one fixes it in time, the imposter(s) win by default.

After some time has gone by, usually there is a dead body, and someone must report; a crewmate or imposter can do so. There is a small window where the players can talk to each other and try to figure out who the imposters are. The players then decide who to vote out; it can either be skipped, a tie or someone gets ejected from the ship. The end goal is to either defeat the imposters to vote them out or fool your friends into thinking you are a crewmate and win in the imposters eye. Either way, it is an enjoyable game to play with your friends and all while staying safe!