Shawn Mendes Wonder Review

Kristi Patton, Staff Reporter

On Friday, Dec. 4th singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes released his fourth album called “Wonder.”  He released his first album back in 2015 which was called “Handwritten,” but his fame came from an app called “Vine” back in 2013. This album has 14 songs and features Justin Bieber on a track called “Monster,” which is number 38 on Billboards charts right now. The album features a variety of songs from upbeat and happy ones like “Higher” and “Dream” to more heartfelt and slower songs like “Always Been You” and “24 hours.”  

Shortly before the album was released, a documentary called “In Wonder” was put out on Netflix filming the singer on his third world tour and opening about his fame and home life. This movie also showed Mendes writing and preparing for his newest album and the steps it takes to put out an album. 

“My favorite song off the album would have to be Wonder because it gives me the motivation to get up,” senior Carissa Howell said.