Exams from home: hit or miss?

Emily Mullins, Managing Editor

On Thursday and Friday, Dec. 3-4, 2020, students took their final exams for the trimester, but it is looking a little different this year considering COVID-19. Since the state is on lockdown until Dec.8, and high schools are shut down until the beginning of next year, all the exams are virtual, and that comes with both positive and negative effects. On one side, many would say that it is nice laying in your bed taking the 50-question exam for your English class, and you do not have to wake up as early and get ready to drive to school, but of course, there is also the cons. Many teachers faced the problem of students showing up for the first time this week for the entire trimester, and trying to catch a kid up from many weeks while also trying to help the rest of the class prepare for the exam is a struggle. Another thing is that since the exams are online, teachers cannot tell if you are looking up the answers, therefore many kids get away with it, and that is why some teachers were giving projects instead of giving an exam.

“I like taking them virtually because I don’t feel under pressure like when I take them face-to-face,” senior Madison Milot said.

All in all, the ups and downs of the exams will be over soon, and on comes the next two trimesters that students must start online, just like they did at the beginning of the year. Hopefully, the staff and students will be able to go back into the building full time by the middle of the second trimester.