Virtual Learning


Kayla Iafrate, Staff Reporter

2020 has changed people’s lives and routines, and schools are adjusting to the pandemic. Cases in Michigan are going up and Governor Gretchen Whitmer has announced another stay-at-home order. Schools all over Michigan are moving to online learning, Roseville High School is one of them.

RHS began the year with completely virtual learning, then allowed face-to-face instruction. On Wednesday November 18, 2020, students who were face-to-face moved back to virtual learning.

Students are being heavily impacted by the pandemic. With all the unfamiliar and crazy things going on in the world, students are adjusting to this new way of learning. With a new stay-at-home order, school activities including sports, clubs, and other events are at a pause. With no school activities, students won’t have much to look forward to.

“As a student, this pandemic makes me feel drained because we as students are repeating the same day over and over again with nothing to look forward to,” senior Natalie White said.

Each day something new happens, students must manage the way they’re being taught and cope with the events they’re missing out on. Things are getting canceled which puts stress on students.

“We are all frustrated, but we can’t give up. Education provides future opportunities, and we have to use the time we have to make the most of it,” superintendent Mark Blaszkowski said.

Stay strong Panthers, we will get through this.