Creative things students did during quarantine


Many people chose to adopt a new family member during quarantine.

Chloe Grill, Staff Reporter

In the past few months, students have had a lot of free time due to the ongoing pandemic, even if it means being productive, or just working on becoming a better person. Most students have had to come up with creative things to do to keep themselves busy. Here is a short recap on what students have done during quarantine since we ended the school year face to face back in March.

While everyone was stuck at home, we all had to find things to do. Many game consoles and systems were sold out since everyone was buying them all at once, many people had the same idea. Just like how stores were sold out of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, wipes, or any cleaning supplies.

There were also a lot of trends going on social media. Many people dyed or cut their hair, tie dyed clothing, watched popular Netflix shows, hosted Netflix viewing parties, found new hobbies, and more. Multiple families also adopted pets during the pandemic.

During the day, many students had a lot of free time since there was not much work assigned.

“I still kept up on all the schoolwork I needed to do, worked out, enjoyed the time with the family I live with, and worked on myself,” senior Makayla Adams said.