Junior varsity takes the win as senior night hits the court


Emily Mullins

Senior Michonni Ward running through the tunnel of players.

Emily Mullins, Copy Editor

On Friday, Feb. 21, the Junior Varsity girls took the victory against Stevenson with a score of 41-35. The girls gained a major lead in the first period 15-0. Then, going into the third period, it was a close call leading with a few points, causing the crowd to get even more intense.

“I think we played well overall and really put everything we learned over the season into that game. I feel like it was a good way to end the season,” freshman Saniah Love said. 

After the J.V. girls celebrated, them and the juniors on varsity, including the dance team all lined up for the seniors. One by one, they all got introduced: seniors Mackenzie Smith, Rim Bououdina, and Michonni Ward. They each got a plaque with their jersey number inside and a little gift bag to go along with it. 

However, the varsity team sadly did not take the win, with a score of 36-22. The girls still kept their heads held high as they continued the end of their season. The varsity girls have their next home game on Tuesday, Feb. 25 against Merritt Academy at seven.