Senior campaigns in Iowa for presidential nomination


Meghan VanDamme

During the Iowa caucus, senior Meghan VanDamme takes a picture with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Jordan Olko, Staff Reporter

Senior Meghan VanDamme took a trip to Iowa on Jan. 17-19 to be a part of the Iowa caucuses debate. This is an electoral event that takes place every four years for members of the Democratic and Republican parties in the U.S. where registered voters go to public areas and vote in groups based on the candidate they support. VanDamme met over 200 people from many different states including Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

“Meeting Joe Biden was interesting and unexpected. This wasn’t in my plans for the day. He was nice and cared more about speaking to his younger guests than anybody else,” VanDamme said.

Through the Mikva Challenge, an organization based on empowering the youth to use their voice for change, social studies and leadership teacher Emily Collias had some of her students fill out an application to go on the trip. VanDamme decided to make a video instead of writing an essay and was the one chosen to participate in the event. There, she was able to campaign for Democrat Elizabeth Warren. In the future, VanDamme says she still wants to stick with her career plans but if something comes in the future, she will work in politics. For now, she is going to stay an active citizen.