Student volunteers at Detroit Zoo Lights


Kayla Iafrate

Junior Kayla Iafrate wears a Christmas themed headband the zoo gave her for fun while volunteering

Jewel Jurek-Stamm, Staff Reporter

The Zoo Lights are a very fun tradition at the Detroit Zoo. Lots of families tend to visit them every year. Through a volunteer program called the Zoo Corps, students like junior Kayla Iafrate are able to volunteer at the Zoo Lights.

It is very simple to become a zoo corps volunteer. The application is on the zoo website, simply fill it out, complete a phone interview, and attend orientation. In the first year of volunteering, 30 hours must be completed. After that, 20 hours a year are to be completed.You schedule your own shifts according to your availability and keep a log online. 

Iafrate’s shift was from 5:30 to 8:30pm. There were a total of four volunteers and four activities so each volunteer ran their own station. Iafrate’s station was focused on color and number recognition. The kids rolled dice to determine a color and a number then “fed” a stuffed polar bear the correct number of the correct color stuffed fish. 

  “I volunteer at the zoo because I thought it would be a great opportunity to communicate with the community, have fun, and fulfill my National Honor Society responsibilities at the same time,” Iafrate said. 

National Honor Society is about helping students be more responsible and to become leaders. Iafrate feels that volunteering at the zoo is a great way to interact with the community and to accomplish those goals.