Girls and Boys basketball start-up game fires up fans


Sanaa Griggs

Saniah Love dribbling the ball to get ready to make a shot.

Sanaa Griggs, Staff Reporter

On December 3, 2019 the basketball teams held a scrimmage against each other. The girls Junior Varsity went up against the girls Varsity while the boys Varsity team played against each other, naming their game black vs. white.
The J.V.girls worked hard to beat the Varsity girls, but the varsity did not let that happen,Yet the J.V. girls still kept their positive attitudes throughout the game. The overall score of the game was 19-8.
“ I’m proud of how we played and hustled against Varsity, of course we have a lot to work on but this is just showing us what we have to improve in,” freshman Saniah love said.
“I feel like we played good. Definitely some things we need to work on. But overall we did good, especially going up against Varsity. I’m proud of our performance and I hope we progress more throughout the season,” sophomore Isabella Rubio said.
“We did better than we thought , but we were all super nervous because theirs mainly freshmen on the team and all the J.V. team heard all day from Varsity and everyone that we’re going to lose and get blown out, but we did better than we expected but practice makes perfect,” Freshman Madison Collins said.

“We played great, we worked well on team but that doesn’t mean anything we have to still keep pushing and improving,” junior Dakoda Inscho said.
The boy’s Varsity team went against each other to see which team was better. Both teams played great and got the crowd excited to watch them play. The overall score was 31-27.
“We played as a team and stayed together while we were down and came out with a win,” junior Tyree Anderson said.
At the end of the game there was a live performance from TGF JU with Que 9. The crowd was excited to watch them perform.