Students to get new graduation look

Emma Carro and Madyson Marzec

There have been many changes made to RHS recently, but seniors specifically will be seeing a change in effect this May. Assistant principal Dennis Borse, who is also in charge of graduation, has made the executive decision to change the color of the caps and gowns.

Although the school board has the final say overall, Borse asked the seniors in leadership class and Student Assembly what color the seniors would like to wear at graduation. The Student Assembly representatives decided on an all black robe with a white and red stripe on the sleeves. 

“Mr. Borse listened to our opinions and thoughts about the gowns which was really appreciated. I like how he incorporated us student assembly members and leadership students to influence the change,” Student Assembly president Abby Barnett.

Borse took the idea and presented it to the school board which was  agreed to immediately. Many high schools throughout Michigan have made the decision to switch their cap and gowns to one color to create unity throughout the student body and give an overall more aesthetically pleasing look. 

“I decided to change the caps and gowns mainly because it is more professional looking and aesthetically pleasing,” Borse said.

Even though the seniors decided on the colors, a lot of the seniors are not ready to break the tradition. 

“I don’t agree with the changes because I was looking forward to wearing white and having different colors from the boys. But having change is good,” senior Hailey Ballor said.  

On Oct. 24 Borse held a meeting with the whole senior class to discuss the new cap and gown changes and put his point across as to why the changes are being made.