Spirit week day four: Bora Bora beach day


Sophomore Myles Spencer-Walker and juniors Julia Mulder and Camillia Matyszewski dress up for Bora Bora beach day.

Brooke Hedrick, Staff Reporter

On Thursday, Oct 10, students and teachers alike continued to participate in spirit week. The theme was “Bora Bora Beach Day.” Even though it may have been similar to Tacky Tourist Tuesday, everyone still let their creativity shine. In the hall students were seen wearing towels over their necks, sunglasses, swim shorts, sunscreen on their noses and even pool floaties!

“Dressing up for spirit week was quite a hassle, even though a lot of people will stare at you, at least you’re representing school spirit. Participating isn’t lame but it is even more lame if you don’t,” junior Camillia Matyszewski said.

Today’s spirit day theme is class colors, it is the last day to show your school spirit before homecoming so make sure you do it in style!