Spirit week day three: out of this world Wednesday


Michael Aliotta

News and broadcasting students dressed in their best “Out of this World” alien wear.

Michael Aliotta, Staff Reporter

Students came together on Wednesday, Oct. 9 to dress up as aliens or in NASA apparel for the days theme: “Out of this World” Wednesday. Many students dressed in green shirts or wore antenna headbands. Some wore shirts and socks with aliens on them, and some students even wore tinfoil on their heads to keep the aliens away. Students had a fun time participating in the days spirit wear, and it was definitely one of their favorites. 

“Today was a blast, people were exploding with spirit,” senior Rim Bououdina said. “Overall, I think it was out of this world.”

Thursday’s theme is “Bora Bora Beach Day,” so make sure to look for leis, sunglasses, and Hawaiian button-ups.