Cartoonists demonstrate democracy for A.P. students


Cartoonist James Strum discusses importance of democracy with students.

Akeel Ahmed, Editor-in-Chief

Yesterday, Tuesday, Oct. 1, cartoonists Coco Fox and James Sturm visited A.P. (Advanced Placement) students

to help educate them on what democracy looks like through their artistic abilities. The artists drew the steps students can take to make a difference in our school, such as using their voice, talking to the right people, and having enough support. 

According to Sturm nearly 70% of Americans can not name the three branches of government. He believes it is essential that we make sure the next generation understands not only the three branches of government, but how to make sure their opinion is heard in a constructive and productive fashion. 

Sturm also said that social media plays an important role in democracy. When issues are brought to light, politicians are more likely to act. That is why students should speak out about their opinions, because they are more likely to be heard.

“Democracy dies in the darkness,” Sturm said.

Through the use of the students’ drawings, Fox and Sturm were able to demonstrate how the school itself is a democracy, and how it runs similar to the national and state governments. By the end of the hour, students left the class with a better understanding of democracy and how the government works as a whole.

“Even in such a small community like the one we have in school it takes a lot of steps along with the teamwork to make a change,” senior Chloe Leblanc said.